You will have a period of 14 days after your voiceover is uploaded to either accept your audio or request a revision. If no action is taken within this period, your order will be considered approved and final.


If you are dissatisfied with your voiceover, you will have the opportunity to request one revision within the guidelines of the VoiceJungle Revision Policy. If the VoiceJungle voice talent you have selected is unable to provide a satisfactory voiceover, you may contact customer service and select another voice talent or request a full refund. Talent replacement and refunds must be requested prior to accepting final audio. Any requests for revisions after acceptance will require submitting a new order.


You will be given the opportunity to preview your voiceover prior to accepting and downloading your final audio. In order to ensure complete satisfaction, you may request one free revision from your chosen talent prior to final acceptance. Revisions may be requested for any reason, including script changes up to 25 words. Any script changes longer than 25 words may require a new order to be submitted. Mistakes or mispronunciations will be revised at no charge. Additions to the script length may require additional charges.