Prospective Talent FAQs

What are VoiceJungle's talent rates?

VoiceJungle talent net rates are as follows:

  • 22.75¢ per word for all scripts.
  • $32.50 minimum for scripts 40 words and under
  • $48.75 minimum for scripts over 40 words
  • Add $16.25 per script for RUSH delivery.
  • 16.25¢ per word for additional revision requests (above the included free revision). Minimum of $32.50.

You will not be asked to do auditions. Each VoiceJungle job is a simple buyout that the client can use wherever they choose. In order to guarantee satisfaction, clients are permitted to request one revision read free of charge for any reason. This may include a minor copy change of 25 words or fewer. In the event that a client rejects your read, a refund may be issued and VoiceJungle will pay you a $25 session fee. VoiceJungle talent rates are non-negotiable.

When will I find out if I’ve been accepted to join the roster?

We know you are anxious to begin work and we do everything we can to move the acceptance process along quickly. VoiceJungle receives a high volume of talent submissions, but we do attempt to review each submission and respond in a timely manner. Once your audition sample has been approved, we will follow up with an email informing you of acceptance. The email will also inform you of the next steps for onboarding.

Once my demo submission is accepted, when do I appear on the website?

Accepting your demo submission is the first step to joining VoiceJungle. If your demo indicates that you are a good fit, we will then send you a welcoming email that includes a short audition script so we can hear how you sound outside of your produced demo. It also allows us to assess the quality of your microphone and voicing environment.

Can I use my podcast equipment for VoiceJungle?

VoiceJungle prefers a voiceover industry-standard large diaphragm condenser microphone, preferably with an XLR-to-preamp connection. Microphones specifically geared to podcasts are generally unsuitable for professional voiceover.

What type of audio will I be asked to produce?

VoiceJungle jobs range from short 15 second commercials to longform narrations, voiceovers for explainer videos and IVR/on hold messages... along with the occasional dramatic reading.

We ask that you record voice only, with clean edits and all mistakes or glitches removed. You do not need to de-breath. You will never need to add music, sound effects or any special processing. Some light processing in your normal VO chain is acceptable, but nothing harsh or artificial. If your job includes instructions from clients to add music or file separation, that is intended for VoiceJungle engineers, not voice talent.

How will I know if I am selected for a job?

When a client selects you for a voiceover job, you'll be notified by both text and email. These will contain links to your account where you'll have access to the script and may choose to either accept or decline the job. Please do so promptly, even if you will not be voicing until later. The email will also show you the talent fee for the job. The talent fee is non-negotiable, as it is agreed to when joining VoiceJungle.

What if I have a question for the client?

VoiceJungle provides a Message chat window to allow you to correspond with the client directly. This feature is great for questions about the script or for extra directing notes. It’s also good to provide the client with an estimate on when you’ll be able to upload their voiceover. Please do not email or otherwise contact the client outside of the VoiceJungle website. Keeping correspondence within the VoiceJungle website allows us to provide efficient customer service and to be sure you're paid properly.

What is the expected turnaround time?

VoiceJungle guarantees 24 hour turnaround for all reasonably sized projects. Since this includes time for script review and payment approval, we ask that voice talent upload finished files within 12 hours of notification and question responses from the client. It is understood that weekend/holiday turnaround may be delayed to the next business day.

In addition, during the hours of 9AM-9PM ET, Monday through Friday, you may choose to be available for RUSH delivery to deliver jobs of 300 words or fewer within 90 minutes of being chosen for a RUSH order. RUSH orders pay an additional $16.25 per script.

I have a busy schedule and a day job. Can I just voice in the evening?

VoiceJungle's guaranteed turnaround (see: What is the expected turnaround time?) offers flexibility to voice and upload most jobs at convenient parts of the day.  If you receive an order early in the day, we ask you to please take a moment to review and accept the order, even if you will be voicing it later. A message field will allow you to give the client an ETA, and we strongly prefer that you do so. 

How do I keep track of my VoiceJungle jobs?

The Talent Dashboard page gives you a complete overview of your work with VoiceJungle. On the Dashboard you can see the number of Current Jobs you have, your status for Rush Availability, stats on your turnaround time, and pending payments for both Current and Completed Jobs.  The Talent Dashboard also directs you to a page to enter outages

How many reads should I provide?

VoiceJungle clients expect to receive three reads for all scripts up to 60 seconds to provide enough options in production. This includes both broadcast and non-broadcast orders. Please provide three reads for all scripts 60 seconds or under! To be effective, they should be somewhat different in tone and inflection -- don’t give them the same delivery three times.

For longer scripts we require only one clean read, but there is no maximum to the amount of audio you may provide. Record as many alternate readings or wild lines as you wish to ensure customer satisfaction.

Regardless of how many reads you provide, always upload ONE audio WAV file.

What about revisions?

VoiceJungle clients are allowed one free revision per order. After using their free revision, clients may purchase additional revisions at a rate of 16.25¢ per word, with a $32.50 minimum. Should you be informed that the client wants a revision, please follow their revision instructions and upload the new file. After approval, the client will have access to the original upload as well as all revised reads.

Guidelines for FREE revisions:

  • A client may change up to 25 words of copy for revision purposes. This limit on copy changes is designed to protect you from large changes in scope for a revision (for instance, a 100 word job turning into a 500 word job after copy changes). You may be required to read more than 25 words to accommodate copy edits, but if the amount of copy that has actually changed is still under 25 words, then it fits our free revision policy.

  • If a client decides the initial read was not what they were looking for, the client can request a complete re-read for style, pace, or tone changes. VoiceJungle will determine on an individual case basis whether this constitutes a valid client revision for long scripts. We encourage you to use the Partial Sample read option for longer scripts so that the style and pace can be approved by the client before you read the full script.

  • Please try to voice client revisions as soon as possible, preferably within 12 hours of receiving notification. If that is not possible, please message the client and provide an ETA.

Guidelines for PAID revisions:

  • There are no limitations to copy changes when being paid for a revision.

  • As with free revisions, please try to voice as soon as possible, preferably within 12 hours of receiving notification. If that is not possible, please message the client and provide an ETA.

Mistakes or errors made by talent are always expected to be corrected free of charge. 

Can I upload a replacement file if I upload the wrong audio file first?

If you ever upload the wrong file for a job or simply decide you’d like to give the client a different read, but have already reached your limit of two uploads, you can still upload an additional audio file.
To do so, simply:

  • Open the DETAILS of a job that has reached the upload limit.

  • click the button that says "UPLOAD ADDITIONAL FREE FILE" and confirm

  • The button then turns to “UPLOAD REVISED VOICE FILE”

  • You may now upload an additional free audio file.

You will be able to do this at any time in the order process. Remember: if a client uses the message portal to request a specific revision (style, script change) that is NOT a talent mis-read, they need to request a revision (see, What about revisions?).

What if the copy is too long or too short for a broadcast script?

We recommend that you time yourself reading your script out loud.  If you find that the script is too long or too short, login to your account and message the client to let them know. This includes scripts that may be a reasonable length, but are too long to be read in the specific style the client has requested (for example a slow dramatic read on your demo).

Can I decline a job?

You may decline a job for reasons such as market conflict, questionable subject matter, or if you feel you cannot finish the job within the expected turnaround time. Talent CANNOT decline a job based on rates, as all talent agree to the VoiceJungle rates when coming onboard.

How do I get paid?

Payments are sent weekly by direct deposit for talent based in the United States, or by PayPal for talent located outside the United States.

I received a link to upload my demos and a check image, but what if I don’t use checks?

For US-based talent who are paid by direct deposit, VoiceJungle requests a check image to make sure we have accurate payment information. If you do not use checks, you can substitute a screenshot of documentation from your financial institution that includes your checking account number and bank routing number.

When can I expect payment for a job?

Clients have a period of 14 days from the time of your last upload to accept your audio or request a re-voicing. Typically, clients will respond in just a day or so. Once a client has accepted your audio it moves to the Completed Jobs page. Direct deposits are made each Wednesday for the prior week's completed jobs. It generally takes two days for funds to be available in your account, depending on your financial institution. Your totals for pending payments are displayed on the Talent Dashboard for both Current and Completed Jobs.

What if I'm unavailable to record for an extended period of time?

If you know you’ll be unavailable for a period of time, you can login to your account and schedule an outage on the Outage Calendar. By creating an outage, your demo will automatically become inactive on the VoiceJungle website during the specified time period. You can edit and change these outages at any time, and an outage will always override your status for Rush Availability.

For long outages where you will be unavailable for several days or more, we recommend you mark yourself out on the day preceding the date you will be leaving town.  You don't need to mark outages for Saturday and Sunday; however, if you intend to be out on a Monday, please include the preceding Saturday and Sunday in you outage

NOTE: Clients may still purchase voiceovers from you while you are marked out on the website. You will be notified of these orders and they should be recorded on the first day or your return from an outage.

What if a client decides to use someone else after I have done what was asked?

In the voiceover world, circumstances and situations sometimes change quickly. If the audio you record is rejected by the client outright or after their free revision, you'll receive a session fee of $25.00.

What type of audio file should I upload for finished voiceovers?

VoiceJungle requires a 16 bit WAV audio file for all uploads. The preferred specs are WAV - 44.1kHz, 16 bit MONO. Please do not upload at 24 or 32 bit, as this impairs some VoiceJungle functions.

If a client requests any other file format (e.g. 8bit  PCM uLaw), the file conversion will be handled by VoiceJungle staff. You are only responsible for uploading one 16bit MONO WAV - 44.1kHz.

What if the client asks for file separation, editing or music?

As a VoiceJungle talent, you are only responsible for providing raw voiceovers in one audio file for each script. Editing services like file separation and music mixing are performed by VoiceJungle engineers after the client has approved your voiceover. If your client asks you to edit individual files, please refer them to VoiceJungle Support for assistance.

Why is my name listed in a different position on the website than last time?

To give each talent fair and equitable visibility, we randomly shuffle the order in each category several times a week. 

How many demos may I submit to VoiceJungle?

VoiceJungle currently allows voice talent to display demos in a number of different categories, such as: Commercial, Narration, eLearning, African American, Automotive, Character, Political, Phone Messaging, and TV Promo/Radio Imaging.  In addition, we enable a Holiday category at appropriate times during the year.